New Makeup Video on my Channel!


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Hey beauties! Today I have uploaded a new video on my Youtube Channel!
I will show you how to get this triple winged eyeliner with this central iridescent color.


Here you have the link to get to my Channel! Hope you enjoy!!!
Link To My Video


Hairstyle: Fishtail Braid


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Hello Girls!

Today I wanna share with you this awesome haistyle, called Fishtail braid:

It’s perfect for long hair, but you can achieve it even by using hair extensions. The girl in the picture is the image of Foxy Hair Lock Extension, wich I’m using too. (Site)

The process isn’t too difficult: You have to divide four strands of hair, but the to external ones have to be smaller than the other two.

So, you will have the slimmer ones on the sides, and the thicker ones on the center.

Now, follow this scheme:

So you will only have to work with the slimmer strands.

My Youtube Account: Thefashionstreets

Do You Wanna see My Face? find out who’s behind Thefashionstreets!


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Tadaaaa! Today I have a special announcement for all you readers!

and that’s…

Are you ready to see how my face looks like?
I’m doing this because I wanted to announce that…
The Fashion Streets officially goes on YOUTUBE!!

Check out my Video!

I’m really excited and can’t wait to upload new videos!
I’m gonna be talking about makeup tutorials, DIY tutorials, Hauls, reviews, clothes and
so much more!
Of course I will be glad to work on things that you readers will suggest me, so don’t be shy,
ask me!
Stay Tuned for much more!
The fashion streets

Diy: Personalize your outfit at home: STUDS Edition!!


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Here we are again! Today I’m here to talk about my latest obsession: studs!
We all know that every outfit is now is completed by studs (on the shoes, on the blouse, on the purse, ecc..) but many times we would like to personalize some things that we already have at home.
I’ m here to suggest you some techniques to use:
After all, You should get studs (if you don’t have them!), this is one of the online store where you can get 200 flat studs for 10€ plus 6€ of shipping: Store Link.
Check it out, there are also many other kinds of them!
Here you have a link to a video wich will show you how to apply studs directly and some ideas to apply your studs and realize unique outfits!
Demonstration Video: Discoglitter8 method




So, have fun and create new and unique outfits!
Love studs! ❤

Thanks to Discoglitter8 for the video

Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s alternative. Love at first sight.


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As we all know, Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s can be defined as one of the Must Haves of this season. Of course the style and the shape of the shoe is amazing: the super-high heel, the design is super comfortable, and it also allows to keep your feet warm.

One of the aims of this blog is to help finding an alternative to those expensive items, (preserving about the same characteristics of the originals) and to tell you where you can find them.
For example, I just got from an EBay Store called “Pannolenci” a great alternative to Lita’s.
They are, they came home 2 days ago!

As you can see, they are in Kaki color, the heel is the same of Jeffrey Campbell’s ones. Of course the material is not the same, but I,be been keeping them on for 5 hours and my feet were still feeling very well. I got e for 24.43€ plus 7.50€ of shipping payment.
I absolutely suggest them to those of you who cannot but the original because of the price, because they look practically the same and are so comfortable.
Here’s the link to tose who are interested!
Pannolenci Store (Sexissima)
Hope you enjoyed,

10000 VIEWS! The fashion streets thank you all!


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Hello Everyone!

Tha Fashion Streets is here today to THANK YOU ALL!!

It has been such a surprise after a period of absence, to find that so many of you enjoyed this blog, so that this is a great inspiration for the future of the fashion streets.

So remember, stay tuned, because you will find lots of news and interesting posts!

With so much Love,

Charlotte (TFS)

Navy fashion style – Cheaper version!


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Hello girls!

Check out with me this OOTD!

This Navy Outfit is extremely classy: it’s perfect for a summer evening in wich the temperature isn’t too high.

The High waist shorts in denim has been matched to a simple white t-shirt, covered by a camel cardigan, open on the frontal side.

Camel color incrases the Navy taste, completed by the shoes, in the same colour.

I have recreated a cheap version of this Outfit!

For the shorts, check out this one!

Available here  for £32.00 (

For the shoes you can check out this ones!

Available here for  $15.99! (

For the cardigan, check out this one!

Available here for $ 49.00 (

Hope you enjoyed, Have a beautiful day!

Neon Beach,BIKINIS!


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Hello Girls!

Are you going to the beach and getting tanned enough?

If your answer is yes, it’s time to get your personal neon bikini!

Neon colours are perfect to evidence tanned skin: yellow is the wich more increases the sense of tanning, than you can also try out colours like green, pink, light blue or orange.

If you want to get the yellow Neon Bikini,click here!for $88.00

If you want to get the light blue Neon Bikini,click here! for $88.00

If you want to get the green Neon Bikini,click here! for $26.00

Hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned!