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Are you girls looking for a different look to wear on a normal afternoon in the city center, with your hands full of shopping bags?

Here I have one for you:

This Outfit is based on clear beige colours, and accessories give such a sophisticad and precious style.

let’s take a look at them..

The Hat:

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The Bag, the bracelets..

Want to buy the Bag? Click here! Louis Vuitton for 320€
Want to buy the Bracelets? Click here! Hermès for 610$

The Sandals..

I took a lot of inspiration from this beautiful Outfit!

The thing I prefered has been  the dominance of beige and soft colours, interrupted by some little red particulars: the lipstick, nail polish, bracelets..

It is a styling technique that can been used in every Outfit!

..Shopping Online..


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Click here! For 35.90£


Thank’s to Cab.Look