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Here we are again! Today I’m here to talk about my latest obsession: studs!
We all know that every outfit is now is completed by studs (on the shoes, on the blouse, on the purse, ecc..) but many times we would like to personalize some things that we already have at home.
I’ m here to suggest you some techniques to use:
After all, You should get studs (if you don’t have them!), this is one of the online store where you can get 200 flat studs for 10€ plus 6€ of shipping: Store Link.
Check it out, there are also many other kinds of them!
Here you have a link to a video wich will show you how to apply studs directly and some ideas to apply your studs and realize unique outfits!
Demonstration Video: Discoglitter8 method




So, have fun and create new and unique outfits!
Love studs! ❤

Thanks to Discoglitter8 for the video