Summer Inspiration: PICS!


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Optical effect Dress, Correct your shape!


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Hello girls!

Have you ever thought that those dress was showing too much those hips, or that it wasn’t emphasizing you decolletè enough?

Today I wanna share with you this innovative dress, wich is correcting your shape through a black colour effect.

As you can see, the sides of the dress are black, and create a contrast with the white of the rest of the dress.

The shape of the woman is slimmer, and evideces the curves.

If you want to buy this dress, click here! for £68.00

Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned!

Glamour tunic: Purple Night


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Hello Girls!

Today I’m going to share with you a special outfit, that is going to color your summer evenings out with friends.

I’m talking about this loose transparent tunic:


As you can see, it’s perfect for your summer nights, it will keep you fresh and absolutely fashion!

Of course, you shouldn’t wear only a bra under that, but a short top in order to cover your self.

The best choice is to match a pair of shorts to the tunic, and a pair of high heels.

This sandals would be perfect!

If you want to buy the Purple Tunic, Click here! for $40.00

Hope you enjoyed,

Stay tuned!




Romantic Evening: Peplum shaped Dress


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Hello Girls!

Have you been looking for an evening dress, to make your

date or your night with friends sophisticated and romantic?

I suggest you to try out this awesome dress, whose shape is becoming extremely glamour and elegant in this season:

The stamp is monocromatic, and the shape is really particular: in fact, on the waist zone, there is a part of tissue wich is shorter, and gives the idea of a peplum flower.

This shape is taking the attention to that body area, so my suggestion is, in order not to emphasize that, to choose a dress, whose “petals” are longer, and not ends exactly on your hips, like this one:

There are so may colours to try out, check out this beautiful ones!

 If you want to buy this dress, you can find a cheap version at this link for £22.99 (

If you wish the dress version wich will cover up your hips, you can find that at this link for $34.99


Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned!

Summer trend: High Waist Shorts


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Hello everybody!

Summer is the most beautiful season of the year, we know, but how can we

choose our outfits, in order to stay always fresh?

We have so many choices, and we are going to check them out in the

next days.

The first ones are the High Waist Shorts!

they can be worn in different ways, depending on the moment

of the day in wich you wanna wear’em.

As you can  see, they have been matched to a white loose shirt,

that is inside the shorts, in order to show them completely.

As footwear, I suggest a pair of wedges, but if you’re at the beach,

choose your sandals and go!

If you desire a more sophisticated look, check out this type of high waist shorts

if you want to buy high waist sailor shorts,click here! for $22.00

In my opinion, this sailor shorts look really good with this kind of shirts with frontal bow:

Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned!

Chain Sunglasses Trend (and DIY)


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Hello Girls!

Directly from the beaches of New jersey, here we have

one of the latest trends!

The sunglasses with chain!

They are really cool and have to be worn with the right outfit,

wich hasn’t to be too elegant, but with street-clothes.

Of course, you can also create this sunglasses at home!

All you need is a chain, glue and a pair of simple sunglesses.

Hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned!!

Olivia Blois Sharpe: Jerseylicious Style


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         Hello Girls!

Today I’m here to share with you an outfit by Olivia Blois Sharpe,

star of “Jerseylicious”, who has been, in my opinion, able to convert the

“New Jersey Style” into a more creative and stylish one.

As you can see, here, she has matched a square-stamped blouse to

a pair of dark skinny jeans and some studded shoes.

The outfit isn’t too elaborated, but she has completed everything with a pair

of lovely Vintage sunglesses and a chignon.

You can find the sunglasses at this link for $16.00

Hope you enjoyed! STAY TUNED! ❤


Vintage Outfit: Romantic Skirt


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Hi Girls!

Today I want you to check out with me

this Outfit!

 This look is suitable for those summer nights

in wich the temperature is a little more cold, and you

want to keep your arms covered.

The girl is wearing a blue sweater on the top of a light-blue blouse,

whose sleeves are coming out from thhose of the sweater.

The principal element is this white skirt.

In my opinion, the skirt would have been perfect without the

polka dot stamp, but the shape is absolutely

lovely and romantic.

The entire look is completed by the white wedges. (Zara)

Hope you enjoyed!

Stay Tuned!

The summer of crochet shorts!


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Hello everybody!

Today we’re gonna check out this shorts!

This shorts can be considered inside the group of the 2012 Summer Must Haves!

The look you can achieve with this element is extremely glamour

and naive, and you can wear it in many different occasions.

Here you can see a an outfit with Crochet Shorts, and the taste

is sweet, romantic and naive. The shorts has been matched to

a beige blouse and a pair of open-toe.

As you can see, the effect is really good even matching

the shorts to a denim blouse, and completing the look

with a pair of camel boots. (matched to the accessories)

Remember, they can also be used on the beach instead of the pareo!

You can get  crochet shorts at This link! for £35.00

Hope you enjoyed!


Fruit Nails: Fresh Nail Art for Summer!


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Hello Everybody!

Are you looking for a fresh and pretty summer look for your nails?

Check out this Nail Art made with Fruit Fimo accessories!

As you can see, the nail is natural, and the Fruit slices are on

the tip, and fixed with a top coat.

They can be purchased directly sliced up or in little blocks. (That you will

have to cut with a cutter.)

You can buy the blocks of Fimo nail art at this link for $11.76

Hope You enjoyed us!


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Have a beautiful day!